Mining projects range from simple to complex, from small to large, and from temporary to long-term. Various types of equipment needed throughout a mining project lifecycle are expensive. Whether its power generation or climate control applications, ESP can provide those critical pieces of equipment even before your investor funding is complete. Operations can begin (or continue as the case may be) in the exploration and site construction to get a jump on potential production output due to the dramatically increased need for the metals your company mines.

ESP and our partners meet DOT requirements for transporting large-scale equipment to even remote locations with refueling options available. When environmental concerns are more than just a popular checkmark on an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) chart, ESP is there to step in to make sure your company lives up to its mottos. During the height of seasonal climate swings, airflow dynamics and ventilation may need to be modified – but not by just anybody. Climate control is more than just renting a piece of equipment. It takes a knowledgeable professional in climate control systems to calculate, measure, track, and adjust for optimum air movement.

Because the mining industry can be fraught with worker injuries more serious than most, a good company always puts safety first. This includes adequate training, properly maintained equipment, and always operating in compliance of laws and regulations. ESP is a good company.

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